French Cheeses, A Preview of our tasting event!

Yesterday began our scouring of the French markets for cheeses!

Among our discoveries were 36 month and 48 month aged Comtes. Some of the best we’ve tried.

Bertrand, the shops owner, agreed to do our Parisian tastings himself, either at his shop or personally delivering to our venue! I’m very excited by this because the quality of his products was superior, even for a French cheesemonger.

Among the other choices was a truffle stuffed Camembert

After visiting 4 cheese shops in search of specific artisan products, I determined this was the best, by far!

We provided clients some late afternoon fortification against the Paris cold! See you soon!

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A Bientôt,



Video of Provence, Mediterranean, Paris

Watch our Video:

Our October trip to Paris, Provence and the Mediterranean.

Just as the song in the video says: you can do anything. Why not follow your Bliss?

You only live once!

Anthony Bianciella (our traveling photographer) produced this video of our most recent trip. It includes shots from all over the Luberon,  the Mediterranean,  and Chateaufneuf du Pape.

Yours Truly, on a Bliss-ful trip

A Bientot,



Bliss and all things culinary….

Fall meals, casual and gastronomic, from our week in France…Anyone want to know what wines we like to pair with these dishes? Which one pairs with a Muscat de Beaume de Venise, and which one a Rose? Which one can stand up to a red?

Rascasse a la ProvencaleThe cheese and olive bread, meringues, and pastries from the best place in town!

Truly fine dining –wild mushrooms, girolles, riz de veau ….mmmmm!
Foie gras, chutney des fruits sec, figues…There’s really nothing more to say, is there!

5 Fab Tips for Stress Free Travel Days (to France)!

Get the most out of your trip from the beginning, with a little planning!

1. Plan in advance so you can use one of the airlines’ private lounges. If you’re not a high mileage flyer, check with your credit card companies. Some of them offer passes to the lounges if you’ve bought your ticket using their card. Some cards or airline programs offer passes to the lounges for signing up. So, before you purchase your ticket, check out the various offers.

2. How to prepare so you beat Jet lag. If you’re traveling from the US to Europe, start adjusting your body clock. The week before travel, start going to bed a bit earlier and waking a bit earlier. Try going to bed 10-15 minutes earlier each night. Your body clock will be set by 2 or more hours before you even leave!

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7 Easy Steps to a Bliss-ful Vacation in France!

1. Pack Light! It’s hard to be adventurous when you’re bogged down. Plus, everything’s smaller in France (elevators, car trunks, closets…). And, the walks are longer. You can’t catch a train on the fly if you’re lugging around everything you own!

2.Think local! Sure, you should read some guide books or talk to a travel pro about what to see, but don’t miss out on the “real” sites by keeping your head in the book. Look up! Get off the main arteries and find local haunts and authentic experiences.

3. Talk it up! Find someone who has actually (and recently) been to France. Ask them where they went and what they liked and why!

4. Eat authentically! Before picking a restaurant, walk the area. Don’t go before 8pm (the start of the French dinner hour). Look and listen. Read menus. Avoid menus with long lists of dishes and translations into many languages. Those places are for tourists. Look for small menus, specialty places and market fresh blackboard specials. Then listen to the patrons (if there aren’t any patrons, keep walking). Are many of the diners speaking French or are they tourists? The best food and the best deals are found in places that specialize in market fresh meals designed for locals.

5. Drink local wines! Don’t order a bottle just because you recognize the name. Once upon a time, food was local, as was wine. They matched perfectly because of this. Order what’s local to match your market fresh meal. That might mean ordering a carafe of local wine or a bottle from a nearby vineyard.

6. Travel “off the beaten track”! Find towns and villages that aren’t on the major tour routes. Spend some time wandering through their streets, sipping a drink at the local cafe, or watching the locals play “boules”. Really soak in the experience of being in France.

7.Slow Down! Some Americans arrive wanting to go, go, go! They want to grab a quick sandwich at lunch so they can visit more sites, or they want to start each day at 7am so they can pack it all in. But life in France has a different rhythm. Many businesses don’t open until 9-10am (especially in the countryside), and most businesses close for a couple hours during lunch. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your time in France. Linger over your meals. Take an aimless stroll after lunch. And try to mimic the rhythm of a real French day. After all, you traveled many thousands of miles to be there!

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