Tour France: Find Out About Summer Vacation in Provence (Bastille Day)

Tour France: Summer Vacation in Provence is spectacular.

Sunflowers. We stopped by the side of the road to photograph the sunflower fields.

Provencal Markets –All sorts of great foods and treats (see our earlier blog about how to shop the markets).

This particular Lavender field was a field we walked to –it was in a hidden, off road place. Up in the hills are Roman ruins that are not excavated, and also below –about a 1/2 mile walk is a watering hold where we went swimming. Not a tourist spot at all. In fact, a local friend showed it to us.

And, Bastille Day! What is Bastille Day and what are Bastille Day celebrations like?

See our next post. We’re going to tell you all about the fun activities and what you can do in France during BASTILLE DAY 2012.

A Bientôt,

Bliss Travels!

What is Insider Access & Insider Photos from Provence & Burgundy

What is “insider access”?

and why you should care!
Insider experiences are things that you can’t do on your own. They are little known, out of the way experiences, or they are things not open to the general public (and arranged especial for you).
As you can see from our photos, that’s what Bliss Travels is all about.
Perhaps you’d like to eat at a restaurant that isn’t filled with tourists –maybe one that is only opened for you?
Or experience a custom wine tasting in a private venue?Private Tasting of Chateauneuf du Pape
Have a Michelin starred restaurant prepare a special tasting menu or private room? 
Visit the bell tower of a Knight’s Templar church (not open to the public) with the curate?
Have a Provencal cooking class on a farm instead of a “sterile” kitchen?
Have a private chef prepare a superb picnic for a train ride to the South of France or to eat under a Roman bridge?
 train picnic
Enjoy a custom barrel tasting in a cellar with the winemaker? 
Visit a tiny little known gem of a village?
We think this makes travel special and that’s why we do it. And we do it for very small groups –usually 6-8 people. Never more than 12.
Not every exclusive access experience is about “money” or big names. Though sometimes they include those sorts of destinations. These are really the sorts of things you can’t “buy” with a deluxe credit card because they are not mass market  (even platinum and black cards) and they are not about commerce.   They are about time and effort and relationships.
You get them because you’ve got a “friend” with an “in”! So, if you want to have an authentic, hard to find cultural experience and interact with people in a way that goes beyond having them make change for you when you purchase a souvenir, then you want to experience Bliss!
September: all rooms full. 1 suite left (closing out May 10th)
October: 4 rooms only
June 10 -full
June 29: 1 room
July and August: 3 rooms.

Fall Foliage in France, Day 1 –Arrival

Up, Up and Away…to Paris, France.

Flying over France

Lunch? No Kentucky Fried here!

Just a typical Fall day.

Toasting to the coming week.