Tour France: Provencal Perspective

Tour France: Provencal Perspective.

Perspective is an interesting thing. Sometimes it refers to your relationship with people, sometimes time, and sometimes the physical environment…In Provence I usually see all three things at once. And that’s a good day!

Here we are at a typical Provencal lunch. Sure it takes 3 hours…But, it’s not like “Thanksgiving dinner”. We are not all just dying to lay down on the couch to lessen the “pain” of overeating. Rather, it’s a relaxing and integral, yet energizing, part of the day

There’s your perspective AFTER the meal…what do you do? Here’s one idea…Though it’s certainly not the only good idea, it is one that we find Bliss-ful!

(sorry it’s sideways– that’s Emmy taking the road less traveled to the top of the cliffs…)

Then there’s physical perspective –in view and in deed…indeed!

To give you some perspective of the size of these cliffs, the above shot was taken from the cliff it faces –at a distance. The bottom two show CLIMBERS on the facing cliff. You must look quite hard –they are the “ant” like things on the rock face!In this shot, the crevice in the rock is actually big enough to camp on –see the people walking inside of it?

All of this seems to put life in a better perspective. Bliss is not a “holiday” event or a gift. It should be a regular feature in your life.  Call us when you are ready!

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Tour France: What is Bastille Day in Provence?

Tour France: What is Bastille Day in Provence?

Bastille Day –July 14, is the day the peasantry stormed the Bastille (Paris prison). The revolutionary spark was presumably lit by Marie Antoinette’s suggestion  about the starving peasantry to “let them eat cake.” Of course, we’ll never know her real intent. And, truthfully, by the time the Bastille was “stormed”, there weren’t many prisoners left. However, the day has become a major celebration in France, much like July 4th is for us in America.

Paris is lit up. There are parades, military services and fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. It’s truly a sight. But, we find our Bliss in Bastille Day in Provence.

If you tour France and have the chance to visit Provence on Bastille Day –you can find:

Stupendous special markets with special street fairs and fun fair attached to them

Group meals with Provencal specialties that entire towns attend (and you can too)

Running of the bulls through the streets

Bull fights (but not the kind that hurt the bulls)

Outdoor “toasts”


Evening balls and outdoor dances in town squares

And fireworks over stunning Medieval villages.

We have one such trip planned –and it’s going to be a once in a lifetime –probably 6 person –visit to Provence –where we spend a weekend doing all of these things–as well as wine tastings and a stay in the Luberon –the most beautiful part of Provence.

Tour France: Find Out About Summer Vacation in Provence (Bastille Day)

Tour France: Summer Vacation in Provence is spectacular.

Sunflowers. We stopped by the side of the road to photograph the sunflower fields.

Provencal Markets –All sorts of great foods and treats (see our earlier blog about how to shop the markets).

This particular Lavender field was a field we walked to –it was in a hidden, off road place. Up in the hills are Roman ruins that are not excavated, and also below –about a 1/2 mile walk is a watering hold where we went swimming. Not a tourist spot at all. In fact, a local friend showed it to us.

And, Bastille Day! What is Bastille Day and what are Bastille Day celebrations like?

See our next post. We’re going to tell you all about the fun activities and what you can do in France during BASTILLE DAY 2012.

A Bientôt,

Bliss Travels!