October in Provence and Chateauneuf du Pape

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Summer is in full swing and we have some exciting photographs to share. Don’t miss our October trip to Paris and Provence, where we will highlight Chateauneuf du Pape, fall foliage and the beautiful Luberon region of Provence. Photographer Anthony Bianciella will once again partner with us on our exciting adventure. Off the beaten track, insider experiences…And the chance to preserve those memories with spectacular photographs.

Wine & Photo Pairing 
– like wine and cheese but lasts longer!

Fall Foliage

Join us on this one of a kind trip to the wine region of Châteauneuf du Pape. We’ll explore delicious wines, dine in wonderful authentic locales, visit beautiful villages and take amazing photos

Our October trip is designed for those who like to learn a little while they enjoy the finer things in life. All along the journey, we will provide information about the region, details about French wines and French cuisine and even help you take great photos of the experience so you can bring your memories home with you.

Our low-key approach is like having a friend with special expertise  traveling with you as you explore these spellbinding destinations. As a small group, you will have personalized attention and the level and type of activity that you prefer. No prerequisites to join this trip! Your desire to see and do things that most tourists never get to experience is all you need! Whether you are a novice or expert –photographer or wine lover — this trip is something special. (Don’t believe us, look at our client testimonials.)

Just sit back and enjoy the ride. We’ll help you navigate the beautiful landscape and ensure that you will see and experience things that only an insider could see and do.

For more information and a full itinerary, please visit our website at Bliss Travels (www.blisstravels.com)

What some of our most recent clients say:
” We really had a great trip, you made it all come together so nicely, picked a perfect hotel and a fantastic mix of restaurants.  You made all of the planning so easy and stress free.  The tours of the sites, gardens and museums was perfect … we feel that we really got to “know” Paris in just a few days. 
Thanks again … we look forward to planning a return trip with you…” (BB, Stamford Conn. June/July 2012)
“I had a super time and the whole adventure was a wonderful experience.  From the tours, site seeings and all the delicious food. I will always have great memories of my vacation in France. You made it all happen for me. Thank you very much for everything.” (WR, New Jersey June/July 2012)

We hope to see you soon!
Wendy Jaeger
Owner, Bliss Travels


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October in Provence
Wines: Chateauneuf du Pape
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The Wines of Chateauneuf du Pape
Chateauneuf du Pape has world renown red wines, full of flavor. Grenache is top grape here! Big wines! Not many people know that they also make truly excellent whites. The wines themselves are made from a selection of 13 grapes and each winemaker has his own combination. What a treat to try! Imagine visiting in fall just after harvest. The perched village with castle ruins surrounded by brilliant fall foliage, and the crisp fall air perfect for leisurely walks and sightseeing.  wendy@blisstravels.com
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Tour France: The Best Vacation in Provence!

Tour France: Provence in Cherry Season…The best vacation in Provence

Life may not be a “bowl of cherries” but you sure can pick your own treats….Fast food Provence style –pick your own dessert on the way home from dinner!

These cherry trees are so full of cherries that the bows are bent nearly to the ground. This little orchard is off of a Roman road, a few steps from the center of a Medieval village we like to call “home”.On our way back, the view was panoramic.
Today’s adventure begins with market day.

Contact us to know more about our last room in July (NEW dates: Arrive between July 13 and 16 for Bastille Day in Provence or Paris, and then spend July 18-22 in the Luberon) and our trip in October!

Tour France: Summer Colors Provence & Mediterranean

Tour France: Summer Colors

Provence and the Mediterranean. It’s the most colorful, tasty time of year. Vibrant is the word that best expresses the summer. Long, languid, yet energizing. Enjoy the photos below. Taking them was Bliss!

Dancing in the streets…for every holiday, summer festival and so fun to do and watch!
Clear blue, peaceful…A favorite place to promenade and watch the street performers.dining on the mussels, beachfront on the island

a bientôt! Hope to see you this summer. Contact us for more information

Tour France: Paris & Provence Showers and Flowers

Tour France: Paris and Provence: Showers and FlowersPainted on a wall in the Marais…early spring themes!

X marks the spot of our favorite peaceful Parisian landmark.

Outside the Tuileries and in Provence –blooms!

Capturing iris’s at the farm.Spring gives way to summer.And a little summer picnic to end the post!.

Tour France: Paris & Provence Architecture and Structure

Tour France: Paris & Provence -Architecture and Structures.

We love these shots.

City Hall is dotted with sculptures, several by Rodin — and surrounded by fountains in summer and an ice run in winter.Along the Seine. A great place for a picnic or to read. This turns into the Paris Plage in summer!

In Provence:The new church in our village.Where the bridges and buildings offset the blue of the sky.

Sunshine and blue skies, and…Bliss

Tour France: How to Have The Best Sunday Ever in Provence

Tour France: How to Have The Best Sunday Ever in Provence!

There are few things better than a Sunday in Provence. In fact, even if you do nothing special, it’s a pretty great day. However, the photos below are what we consider pure Bliss. This is the best Sunday EVER! (And after you’ve read this, if you disagree, I truly would love to know what you do in Provence that is BETTER!!)

To start, we go to our absolute favorite place for a traditional 4 course Sunday lunch. Nestled in the cliffs…It’s a stunning but very casual place. When we talk about authentic dining, gourmet but not fussy, this is what we mean.The appetizer platter comes out for people to share. Provencal treats like Anchoiade, tapenade, moules or wild mushrooms…Followed by one of the traditional main courses –this is ‘yours truly’ filleting everyone’s fresh stream trout! Of course, daube and lamb etc are also choices.The Provencal tomatoes and purely delicious creamy potatoes are served as accompaniment.After is the cheese course. Banon is local to the area. It really can’t be found anywhere outside of the region –not the real stuff properly ripened.Then come desserts…Then the traditional Sunday hike.  When we say the road less traveled and “off the beaten path”, we mean it!Up to the ruins for a quick “look”. Though some people chose to relax in the shade instead of making the climb.Capturing the view.If you can!And then back “home” for the evening. If you can top this day of pure Bliss, I’d sure like to know how! If you’d like to do this with us some day, contact us! We’d love to share this wonderful experience with you sometime this summer. We will be there in July and August!

A Bientôt,


Tour France: A Typical Day in Provence with Bliss Travels

Tour France: A typical day in Provence with Bliss Travels.

For the photographers, there was an early morning shoot. The rest of us had a leisurely breakfast or even slept in. We all met in the garden, and then drove to see the poppy fields, where Anthony helped people capture the beauty.After our shoot, we visited a local village and friends we adore.For lunch we shared specially prepared warm goat cheese salads or soup au pistou and  then had an omelette made with farm fresh asparagus (thank you Lionel –our favorite chef in the village –who always has local eggs and something special for my perennial omelette!)After lunch there was sightseeing, walking, gallery hopping and, yes, more photography –yours truly even modeled –and learned there is a “walk”, a “look”, and, of course, not to smile too much!! For our next photography trips, there will be an option to do portraiture and we will use models.

But, ever the guide, I continued to give clear direction to all who asked!

We finished the evening with a wine tasting and meal in a private cellar –candle lit, with a menu to order. Pas Mal!

In case you were wondering –the blue in the sky is not touched up. That truly is the color!We hope to share this and more with you on our next trips. July and August festivals are just around the corner, as is our fall photography, foliage and Chateauneuf du Pape trip! Contact us now! Wendy@blisstravels.com

Tour France: The Best Time to Visit Provence is “in Bloom”

Tour France: Visit Provence in Bloom.

Spring time provides wonderful and very different sites.

The first “lavender” colored bloom of the season!In every direction the sights are green and blossoming.I just can’t get enough of the poppies!

And, of course, every day must have a castle in it somewhere!
Join us! It’s Bliss! Contact us with any questions.

Tour France: Vacations in Provence with Bliss Travels

Tour France: Vacations in Provence with Bliss Travels:

Some shots from our current trip —  A professional makes all the difference! Whether it’s knowing what and how to shoot — or where to find the authentic places and uncommon sights.

One of the paths that lead to an old Roman road…Poppies under a 2000 year old bridgeMorning light!

Tour France: Photograph Provence!

Tour France: Photograph Provence.

Our photographer, Anthony Bianciella, has a student photograph us.Off the beaten path, and exploring the light! Leave home. Step out of your normal comfort zone, and see things you might have missed!

After an afternoon of photography –and the vines lead us to a wine tasting at an organic (bio) vineyard.

Having a great time –even if the Mistral does blow –You could say they were “blown away by Provence”Fall foliage and photography in the Luberon in October. And May 2013 –booking now.