Tour France: Fall in Burgundy, Paris & Provence

Tour France: Beautiful Regions in FRANCE

Fall in Burgundy, Paris and Provence

Fall is beautiful in every region in France. We visit 3 regions in France during the fall. It’s hard for me to decide which is the most beautiful region of France. Look at our photos below and you can decide!

We are in Paris, bien sur. And Paris in the fall is lovely and buzzing with activity. Here are some favorites from Paris. (Think about visiting over the holidays with us.)

We visit Burgundy. This year’s trip is going to be extraordinary. It’s a mix of return and new clients –all food and wine lovers! (We are very very happy about that). The vines are being harvested. And the weather is crisp and cool –perfect for traditional Burgundy fare! (Look for next year’s trip –this one is full.)

Our favorite winemaker –charly is the BEST and his private tastings with us are spellbinding! Really!Some of the little, lesser known places where the owners proudly share their wine making knowledge

Well –this one is self explanatory!

Burgundy architecture
One of our tastings –can’t wait for this year’s. Camille, the sommelier who will choose the special vintages, has set up a private “chapel” for us to taste and also a private lunch for after. I love this trip!Provence…What can we say? Provence is pure Bliss! Especially if you tour Provence the way we do –small groups. No commercial destinations. Off the beaten track sites AND insider experiences. Our summer was full of those and our October trip will be as well (plus we have Chateauneuf du Pape on the radar for October). ONE room left on this trip.

If Burgundy is where our thirst is, Provence is where our heart is!

Nothing sings like the Luberon –it just gets into your heart.Of course, the tough choice is always between sea and countryside. Impossible choices 🙂Yes, this is a real chateau. Yes, it’s in Provence!! And yes, they make Chateauneuf du Pape wines here! We walk through the vines after. Here’s the view in October. The colors were changing and the light was soft.Beauty everywhere.
Wow –our mountain top picnic spot!

If you’d like to join us on one of our personalized, small group trips to Provence, we have one room left in October (max 11 guests and 2 leaders, along with private sightseeing, chefs and driver) And 3 rooms left in May 2013. CONTACT us now before these also sell 609 462 6213

Tour France: Gourmet Travel & Provence Picnics

Tour France: Gourmet Travel and Provencal Picnics

Warning: Drooling likely. Have snack handy.

Anyone who’s going to France is aware of the reputation France has for outstanding cuisine. The produce, the cheeses, breads, desserts, even meats are world renown. One of the single best ways to experience what France (and more specifically) Provence has to offer is to make and/or join in for a real picnic. Here are some photos of our absolute favorite picnic lunches. Some are self made. Some are offered by tiny out of the way auberges, and some are custom from our chefs. Try not to drool on your screen as you scroll through these mouthwatering treats.

Roast pork (from the farm) with rosemary potatoes, and house made goat’s cheeses

Wines, proscuitto, peppers, zucchini all made up the meal as we sat at this gorgeous mountain top locale.
Prepping for our own picnics in a local kitchen

If you’d like to experience one –or more– of these culinary fantasies, contact us now. We have ONE room left on our October Fall Foliage trip to Provence (and Chateauneuf du Pape) and we are booking rooms for next May in Provence!

Contact us now.


Tour France: Culinary Bliss

Tour France: Culinary Bliss!

Our trip highlights always include culinary adventures. This trip is no exception. A spectacular tasting menu, a private luncheon, even a special cafe…whether formal or casual, it’s truly Bliss!

Foie Gras…compote….what more can we say?Marscapone ravioli with parmesan foam make the perfect accompaniment —Tomatoes and an incredible fresh ceviche in an almond milk…squab, cherries, and rhubarb….

A nice finish to the day!


Tour Provence: Lavender in Provence

Tour Provence: Lavender Season

What’s your favorite color? Well, in summer, my favorite color is lavender. And, right now, it’s in full bloom…From the hills of the Luberon to the valleys, the color lavender is everywhere. It’s Bliss!

Contemplating photos….

Tour Provence: Vacation in Provence in a Day!

Tour Provence: Vacation in Provence in a Day!

From the ancient ruins you can freely climb through –to photography, to hiking, to pondering n’importe quoi… or just to put out a blanket and enjoy the view…

To the village panoramas…To the life within…
Why not open the door on a new adventure. It’s Bliss!

Come with us…

But first, read what others have to say…Don’t take  our word for it.

After you are through, book our last room. Watch the lavender flower, and experience the fragrance when a field is cut…It permeates the air for a quarter mile around it!

July 17-22 Provence (possible early arrival for Paris too!)


July 28-August 4 (Mediterranean and Paris) This trip is not advertised. It’s a small private trip. contact us for details

Tour France: Provencal Perspective

Tour France: Provencal Perspective.

Perspective is an interesting thing. Sometimes it refers to your relationship with people, sometimes time, and sometimes the physical environment…In Provence I usually see all three things at once. And that’s a good day!

Here we are at a typical Provencal lunch. Sure it takes 3 hours…But, it’s not like “Thanksgiving dinner”. We are not all just dying to lay down on the couch to lessen the “pain” of overeating. Rather, it’s a relaxing and integral, yet energizing, part of the day

There’s your perspective AFTER the meal…what do you do? Here’s one idea…Though it’s certainly not the only good idea, it is one that we find Bliss-ful!

(sorry it’s sideways– that’s Emmy taking the road less traveled to the top of the cliffs…)

Then there’s physical perspective –in view and in deed…indeed!

To give you some perspective of the size of these cliffs, the above shot was taken from the cliff it faces –at a distance. The bottom two show CLIMBERS on the facing cliff. You must look quite hard –they are the “ant” like things on the rock face!In this shot, the crevice in the rock is actually big enough to camp on –see the people walking inside of it?

All of this seems to put life in a better perspective. Bliss is not a “holiday” event or a gift. It should be a regular feature in your life.  Call us when you are ready!

609 462 6213 or 2 rooms  in August and October are available. 1 room in July. June and September are full.

Tour France: Experience Provence…like a local

Tour France: Experience Provence…like a local (menu suggestions below)

Wondering down the village road
to visit the local market –set up from the town parking area through the main square, and on several little streets. Not the biggest area market –but a very authentic and less touristy one.Taking our picnic items to a nearby olive grove where we walk along and see the first lavender blooms.peeking in corners at gardens

Paints quite a nice picture of the day –we think it’s Bliss

 Picnic Menu: Roast rabbit a la moutarde, artichoke vinaigrette, wood oven baked bread, freshly picked cherries and melons.