Provence Foods! Goat Cheeses – the “insider experience”

French cheeses. No other country produces more cheese!

I have a number of clients who come on trips and say they love French cheese, but not goat cheeses. I have NO clients who leave us after a trip and haven’t found at least one goat cheese they absolutely love! It’s true 100% of the time.

We have some great insider experiences we’ve offered to “foodies” who want to explore cheeses. Below is a selection of carefully chosen goat cheeses from 3 local artisan producers, along with local figs, that we provided for a private lunch.

This begins our private visit to a very small local goat farm and artisan cheese producer. She makes the best fresh goat cheeses in the area. The flavor changes depending upon the time of day and also the season the animal is milked. Some of the cheeses are seasoned with herbs or peppercorns. Some are plain.

There are different goat cheeses made in each area. One of the best, and hardest to find in the US is Banon –a goat cheese wrapped and aged in chestnut leaves. We usually have this as a cheese course in a tiny auberge we go to. The texture of these cheeses depends greatly on its age.

If you find French cheese Bliss, then maybe you ought to visit Provence.


Wine & Cheese Pairing: 2 Spots Left!

Bliss Travels


With products from our recent trip to Paris!

A tasting class and event pairing the best in French cheeses with their compliment in French wines. We are marketing for this trip in Paris! That’s right –our favorite French vendors will be providing a taste of their artisan products! We’ll bring back some cheeses and breads, and a few condiments for pairing with cheeses, so that you can taste something really special. There will be a selection of 6 cheeses (4 direct from Paris), walnut and fig breads from a top Parisian baker, traditional condiments and 5 regional wines.  Plus, we will also make and taste a camembert fondue, a great starter for winter meals and summer barbecues alike.

Whether you are interested to learn more about Bliss Travels, or just want a virtual voyage to France with Bliss, you’re welcome to attend. Space is limited, and reservations must be made by February 9th, so that we can make the purchases in Paris while we are there!

Cost is $80.00 per person. If you want to attend, click on one of the above links and contact for details. Event to be held in Princeton. Sunday, February 26th, from 3-5pm. Details provided upon reservation.

Where & WhenROOM FOR 2 MORE PEOPLE. MAX. OF 10 PEOPLE AT TASTINGPrinceton, New Jersey 08540
February 26, 2012
3:00pm to 5:00pm
Save $300 on one of our 2012 trips if you book before February 10th, 2012. See our early booking coupon!

French Cheeses, A Preview of our tasting event!

Yesterday began our scouring of the French markets for cheeses!

Among our discoveries were 36 month and 48 month aged Comtes. Some of the best we’ve tried.

Bertrand, the shops owner, agreed to do our Parisian tastings himself, either at his shop or personally delivering to our venue! I’m very excited by this because the quality of his products was superior, even for a French cheesemonger.

Among the other choices was a truffle stuffed Camembert

After visiting 4 cheese shops in search of specific artisan products, I determined this was the best, by far!

We provided clients some late afternoon fortification against the Paris cold! See you soon!

REMEMBER TO contact us if you want to take advantage of our early booking coupon OR if you are attending our wine and cheese tasting in Paris!

A Bientôt,