Video of Provence, Mediterranean, Paris

Watch our Video:

Our October trip to Paris, Provence and the Mediterranean.

Just as the song in the video says: you can do anything. Why not follow your Bliss?

You only live once!

Anthony Bianciella (our traveling photographer) produced this video of our most recent trip. It includes shots from all over the Luberon,  the Mediterranean,  and Chateaufneuf du Pape.

Yours Truly, on a Bliss-ful trip

A Bientot,


Fall…Along the Mediterranean

Yes, jousting is still possible to watch. Bet you wanted to know how popular this Medeival sport really was. We were pretty surprised to see this. But, it does fit with the mood along the coast, where there are games and performances, no matter what the season.

Wine tasting in our favorite “cave”. Trying the local whites.

Dinner in a private room, overlooking the Mediterranean cliffs at sunset.

Some of the dining choices…Mussels along the Med are often paired with wonderful sauces. This had a tomato, onion, and a touch of cream.Rascasse — a fish found only in the Mediterreanean.A nice walk after a satisfying dinner.

calm and quiet after the summer high season.

cafe lounging before our walk around the cliffs.
It was a beautiful, fall day…wind was blowing, but that made the sky very blue and the temperatures cool enough to walk all afternoon.


Bliss and all things culinary….

Fall meals, casual and gastronomic, from our week in France…Anyone want to know what wines we like to pair with these dishes? Which one pairs with a Muscat de Beaume de Venise, and which one a Rose? Which one can stand up to a red?

Rascasse a la ProvencaleThe cheese and olive bread, meringues, and pastries from the best place in town!

Truly fine dining –wild mushrooms, girolles, riz de veau ….mmmmm!
Foie gras, chutney des fruits sec, figues…There’s really nothing more to say, is there!

Provence + Picnics = Paradise!

On the way…

Half the fun is getting there!
The butcher, cutting our market treats to order!

Some very authentic, less touristy markets.

Say “Cheese”!


Ho Hum! Just a little picnic spot!

Amazing what a nice lunch (and a little –or a lot of –rose will do for you!! Stay tuned for more shots from our trip. Next stop, the Mediterranean!