About us!

wendy jaegerBliss Travels is a designer of boutique custom travel in France with emphasis on Paris, Burgundy, Provence and the Riviera. All trips are custom designed and focus on exclusive access and “off the beaten track” experiences. No tour buses! Bliss Travels specializes in providing experiences most tourists never have!

Wendy Jaeger, owner of Bliss Travels has traveled extensively throughout France for more than 30 years. Her relationships with chefs, restaurateurs, artisan producers, artists and others allow you to have authentic experiences. Our culinary and wine experiences are custom, local and high quality.

Bliss Travels provides unique culinary and cultural adventures, as well as one of a kind destination weddings and honeymoons. Whether your interest is the food and culture of Provence, Impressionist art or Roman ruins, painting and photography, the wines of Burgundy, the excitement of Paris over the holidays, diving into the crystal clear Mediterranean, touring the colorful markets or attending one of the many festivals in Provence,Bliss Travels can design a once in a lifetime experience for you.

Enjoy a hidden beach where there aren’t any tourists. Tour the market streets and shops of Paris, with someone who knows where to find the hidden gems. Dine in a 500 year old bakery. Enjoy a meal in a private home.  Attend a little known local festival. Have a private wine tasting. Tour a 14th century private wine cellar. Picnic in the ruins of a castle. Hunt for Antiques. Pick fruit on a local farm. Cook with a famous chef. Take a private boat tour through the inlets and white cliffs. Stay in a boutique Inn or private property. Enjoy your own olive grove. Sing on a 2000 year old Roman bridge…..Find your Bliss, with Bliss Travels.

Bliss Travels works with a wonderful group of talented individuals both in France, and in the United States to provide the highest quality  travel experience possible.

Our weddings are unique and take advantage of each breathtaking location, whether it’s a Parisian garden or a 12th century Provencal church. We create only memorable and authentic experiences.

Service Details: Each voyage is custom designed and includes both French and American staff. We provide private English speaking guides (minimum, one full time English speaking guide for each 6 guests), private transportation, full service luxury lodging in Inns and hotels, and instruction and tours by locals who specialize in that field. Translation is provided wherever necessary. Private chefs are available upon request. (We have a guest to staff ratio of no more than 4:1).

Other Facts: Wendy has also developed a full collection of her own recipes. She is currently collaborating on a photographic study of Provencal culture and cuisine in which her recipes will be featured. In addition, Wendy teaches French cuisine, food and wine pairings and other classes in related fields privately and at local colleges and schools.

8 comments on “About us!

  1. Barbara says:

    Sounds like heaven. Love your blog and insider secrets and tips.

  2. This is wonderful! Love the idea of getting off the beaten path while having remarkable, ‘authentic experiences.’ Can’t wait to check out more of your blog! 🙂

  3. curvyroads says:

    Thanks for the follow, and I am following you as well! Cool blog, and can’t wait to read more!

  4. […] invited to attend this event – a private wine tasting for Bliss Travels family and friends. Bliss Travels is a boutique travel company that specializes in unique tours of France. The owner, Wendy Jaeger, […]

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