Tour France; Explore France’s Wineries

Tour France and Explore France’s Wineries

Beaujolais sceneryThere’s no better way to learn about wine than by seeing the process used to make it, and France offers an array of ways to enhance your wine knowledge and try out different wines. Wine tours make exceptional getaways as they allow you to visit another region of France and develop your palate, and, if you don’t have it already, an appreciation for wine. As the popularity of wine-tasting trips have increased, wine lovers are traveling the globe in search of the ultimate tasting experience with major wine regions in countries like France topping the list of the best and most renowned wine producing areas.

Whether you opt to go with a tour group or create your own wine-inspired expedition or do a little of both (with a custom wine vacation) there are numerous ways to explore France’s many vineyards. Here are a few fun and interesting ideas for a quality wine-fueled adventure.

Explore France’s Famed Wine Regions


France is home to some of the world’s most notable wineries and vineyards, making it the perfect region for wine-tasting travel. Popular among wine lovers and those who enjoy vineyard exploration, Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux, Alsace, and Loire are just a handful of France’s acclaimed wine regions. Start off in Champagne and work your way through France’s eastern wine region from Alsace to Rhone Valley or take a journey through the western part of France moving from Loire to Languedoc-Roussillon. Time your winery voyage around France’s popular wine festivals like Percee du Vin Jaune in Jaune, which celebrates the unique wine of the Jura region or Burgundy’s Saint-Vincent Tournante 2013, an annual wine tasting honoring St. Vincent (patron saint of wine growers) to maximize your wine-tasting experience.  If you’d rather avoid the crowds and expense of taking a wine tour at a peak season, plan a trip during a time that isn’t popular with tourists. You can always find someone to help you if you aren’t sure whether Bordeaux or Burgundy or some other region is going to suit your tastes more!

Whenever you plan your wine tour excursion, make sure that you pack attire made for activities like grape stomping and romping through the country’s wine locations. Peruse M&S for stylish and affordable clothing items and retailers that sell rainboots like Hunter boots for all the best apparel for wine-tasting travel.

Here’s hoping you enjoy a Bliss-filled travel adventure! Happy Travels!


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