Buying a Good Camera for Travel – Guest Post

Guest Blog by Anthony Bianciella (traveling photographer for Bliss Travels Photo Tours)

I’m often asked about what camera to buy, especially for traveling on vacation, since I co-host the photography & wine trips to France along with Bliss Travels.

Of course, I must answer the question with some questions of my own:

  1. What’s your budget? (the cost of new cameras range drastically these days)
  2. How big of a camera are you willing to carry?
  3. Are you interested in managing the camera or do you just want to “point and shoot”?
  4. Do you think you’ll get more involved with the settings as you gain experience?

Armed with that information, I can usually get you going in the right direction and narrow down the choices.

Here are some things to consider…

Generally speaking, there are two main camps; you either want a camera that slides in a pocket or you are willing to carry it on your shoulder or in a camera bag.

Small cameras get better each year and most will take a nice picture (as long as you have good light). So you can get a properly exposed picture during the day and outside – markets, mountainsides, streets, flowers, people (as long as you don’t make them squint), etc. Once you go inside or it gets a little dark outside, things can get more difficult.

Some small cameras have intelligent automatic modes that do a decent job of blending natural light with the flash on the camera. Let’s put it this way…it’ll do but it could be better.


Learning a little bit about exposure controls might also help you get the shots that you see with your eyes. For example, you might want to take a twilight photo with something in the in the foreground (maybe boats in a marina). Your small camera would probably make the boats look too dark in order to make the sky look right. Or the sky won’t be deep and rich in color because your camera might try to make the boats bright enough to see.

Moving up to a larger, more advanced camera will help you overcome some of these limitations. Of course, these cameras also have automatic mode so you can work your way up. And when you do, you’ll have the control that you need to get the shots you want.

Larger cameras tend to come with larger lenses…in the end, you can’t change the laws of physics and more glass in your lens, typically means more light in your camera.


This is just a small intro to picking the right camera and is a conversation I have with the people that come with us on our photo tours. So if you are thinking about buying a new camera and would like to learn how to use it, consider one of our trips where we immerse you in places and experiences that give you plenty to photograph.

You can shoot me an email if you have a question about the right camera for you. If you answer the questions above, I’ll try to get you some options to consider.

And if you’re ready to hit the road with us and see some beautiful places, check out our tours. Our next photo trip is planned for October to Provence (some details below). Or, check out Bliss Travels for other France travel options.

October 2012 Trip Overview

We have designed and planned a very special photo and wine trip to the south of France. The Luberon Region of Provence is one of the most sought after destintations and one of the most beautiful places to explore. Here you will find roman bridges and roads, perched medieval villages, farms with world-renowned produce and some of the best wines in the world. The landscapes and vistas should not be missed.

Photographers of all levels have raved about the experience. And their companions have been happy to spend a vacation together where both can truly enjoy themselves.

Our trips are designed for all photographers – beginners, intermmediate and even pros. We provide sights and experiences that are off-the-beaten-path and would normally require hours of research to find. In fact, without friends in these places, it would be impossible to replicate the experience that we have prepared for you.

Space is limited as this is a small group tour (not a big bus herd). For more information visit the tour page here.

Or contact me directly with questions or to reserve a spot (, 908-240-2322).


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