Tour France: How to Have The Best Sunday Ever in Provence

Tour France: How to Have The Best Sunday Ever in Provence!

There are few things better than a Sunday in Provence. In fact, even if you do nothing special, it’s a pretty great day. However, the photos below are what we consider pure Bliss. This is the best Sunday EVER! (And after you’ve read this, if you disagree, I truly would love to know what you do in Provence that is BETTER!!)

To start, we go to our absolute favorite place for a traditional 4 course Sunday lunch. Nestled in the cliffs…It’s a stunning but very casual place. When we talk about authentic dining, gourmet but not fussy, this is what we mean.The appetizer platter comes out for people to share. Provencal treats like Anchoiade, tapenade, moules or wild mushrooms…Followed by one of the traditional main courses –this is ‘yours truly’ filleting everyone’s fresh stream trout! Of course, daube and lamb etc are also choices.The Provencal tomatoes and purely delicious creamy potatoes are served as accompaniment.After is the cheese course. Banon is local to the area. It really can’t be found anywhere outside of the region –not the real stuff properly ripened.Then come desserts…Then the traditional Sunday hike.  When we say the road less traveled and “off the beaten path”, we mean it!Up to the ruins for a quick “look”. Though some people chose to relax in the shade instead of making the climb.Capturing the view.If you can!And then back “home” for the evening. If you can top this day of pure Bliss, I’d sure like to know how! If you’d like to do this with us some day, contact us! We’d love to share this wonderful experience with you sometime this summer. We will be there in July and August!

A Bientôt,


2 comments on “Tour France: How to Have The Best Sunday Ever in Provence

  1. Totally can’t top this or disagree with you! It sure does make for a great Sunday and I will take 2 of those desserts please 🙂

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