Tour France: A Typical Day in Provence with Bliss Travels

Tour France: A typical day in Provence with Bliss Travels.

For the photographers, there was an early morning shoot. The rest of us had a leisurely breakfast or even slept in. We all met in the garden, and then drove to see the poppy fields, where Anthony helped people capture the beauty.After our shoot, we visited a local village and friends we adore.For lunch we shared specially prepared warm goat cheese salads or soup au pistou and  then had an omelette made with farm fresh asparagus (thank you Lionel –our favorite chef in the village –who always has local eggs and something special for my perennial omelette!)After lunch there was sightseeing, walking, gallery hopping and, yes, more photography –yours truly even modeled –and learned there is a “walk”, a “look”, and, of course, not to smile too much!! For our next photography trips, there will be an option to do portraiture and we will use models.

But, ever the guide, I continued to give clear direction to all who asked!

We finished the evening with a wine tasting and meal in a private cellar –candle lit, with a menu to order. Pas Mal!

In case you were wondering –the blue in the sky is not touched up. That truly is the color!We hope to share this and more with you on our next trips. July and August festivals are just around the corner, as is our fall photography, foliage and Chateauneuf du Pape trip! Contact us now!

4 comments on “Tour France: A Typical Day in Provence with Bliss Travels

  1. I love the poppy fields. They are so beautiful and we have a ton of them surrounding us. It makes me just want to take off and have a good run through them!

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