Tour France: A Day in Provence

Tour France: Bliss Travels to Authentic Provence. Spectacular views caught by Anthony Bianciella, our talented traveling photographer. One thing that makes us feel “Blissful” is finding beautiful, less populated villages to explore. We build the day around a walk, hike, panorama and, of course, our traditional Provencal lunch. For us, that’s why Bliss Travels! The only thing better than springtime in Provence is July in Provence. This is the ultimate “room with a view”!!Some of the smaller villages still use different modes of transportation Emmy meets a new friend!Village roads, old and “new” A walk, followed by lunch –in a tiny restaurant we found off a little alley and side street. Now, it’s an annual favorite. Look at yesterday’s set menu below Menu of: Burgundian like soft poached egg in red wine and mushroom, fish with saffron, fresh pasta and market veggies, Brie de Meaux and salad, along with dessert, bien surWe sincerely hope you can join us on our next authentic, and off the beaten track adventure! It’s Bliss! Please contact us when you are ready for a new sort of travel experience.

3 comments on “Tour France: A Day in Provence

  1. What a spectacular lunch!!

  2. I’d go for the different mode of transportation. Why not live it up! Besides it would give you a feel of what life was really like back then traveling through the villages 🙂

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