Tour France: Off The Beaten Track in Provence

Tour France: Off the Beaten Track in Provence…

If you do enough research and talk to enough people, you can find stunning villages to wonder through all on your own. No problem. Provence is a region of Beauty. Touring Provence is a great way to spend your vacation. Just make your visit to France special by getting off the “beaten track”  and enjoy some sights with local color! It’s even more special when you can do and learn things you’d never get access to on your own. Over the next few posts, we’ll highlight some of these exclusive access activities.

Can you find a newly discovered excavation site? Bliss did!

And, have a private tour of a closed Provencal church –one with origins from before the year 500 ?

Visit a Roman bridge and learn to photograph with a professional photographer? AnAnd Make sure to find time to enjoy the local dining and wonderful people!

It’s truly Bliss!

A Bientôt….let us know when you want to do something off the beaten track.

6 comments on “Tour France: Off The Beaten Track in Provence

  1. There’s nothing I don’t love about everything you mentioned. Bliss indeed.

  2. Love it! Off the beaten path is my middle name 🙂 I love visiting all the nooks and crannies of unknown places. It’s the best ever!

    • I feel the same way. Today we got a tip to check out the poppy fields above Cadenet —from the North on the route south -From that direction they were a deep red and full full full. It was great. Maybe on Saturday you’ll join us for something –maybe market day?

  3. I’m still planning on joining you guys one day and thanks for the invite. I will send you an email and we’ll make a date of it soon 🙂

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