Tour France (& the world) with Bliss and other Bloggers!

An Award! Love it! Thank you Backyard in Provence. We find your posts “blissful” to read as well! Ashley is living the dream, having moved to Provence with her husband and daughter. She gets to spend all of her time on exploring this amazing region – imagine if your vacation in Provence didn’t end after a week or two!! We love her posts, and know that every single one of our readers and clients are jealous@

The “how to” of this award is:

  •       Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
  •       Answer the questions on your favorites below.
  •       Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

Here are my favorites:

Favorite Color – Red in Spring (for poppies) and Purple/lavender in summer for you know what! And, of course, oranges in fall….Do I have to pick one color for the entire year?

Favorite Animal – Emmy the wonder dog (all of my clients know why that is….the rest of you will have to come on a trip to find out!)  –any clients who wish to comment on Emmy may do so freely below!

Favorite Number – right now, 5 –the number of exciting summer trips we have planned!

Favorite Drink – Rose in Provence and Burgundy anywhere else!

Facebook or Twitter – Facebook –I like photos!

Your Passion – That’s easy –France–mostly Provence, the Med and Burgundy. That’s why the business is named BLISS travels!

Giving or getting presents – Giving. Love to see happy surprised people!

Favorite Day – Any day spent in Provencal sunshine.

Favorite Flowers – Poppies and anything growing in the Luxembourg gardens.

Backyard in Provence “stole” some of my favorite blogger’s names. So please know you also would have been nominated.

Please click away and check out some of these blogs. If you’re on the list, please pay it forward….

1. bobbieconti


3. Foodimentary

4. Lot18 Blog

5. Rantings of an Amateur Chef

6. Leslie Carter

and related 7. Bucket List Publications

8. FrenchWeddingStyle (Monique Mariage)

9. My World of Food Adventures

10. Travel Destination Bucket List

All great writers, adventurers, diners –as well as visually exciting! Share the Bliss 

4 comments on “Tour France (& the world) with Bliss and other Bloggers!

  1. Love your favorites! I’m glad that your glad about your award. Many happy returns and a blissful time this summer with your tours 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination!

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