Tour France: What is Bastille Day in Provence?

Tour France: What is Bastille Day in Provence?

Bastille Day –July 14, is the day the peasantry stormed the Bastille (Paris prison). The revolutionary spark was presumably lit by Marie Antoinette’s suggestion  about the starving peasantry to “let them eat cake.” Of course, we’ll never know her real intent. And, truthfully, by the time the Bastille was “stormed”, there weren’t many prisoners left. However, the day has become a major celebration in France, much like July 4th is for us in America.

Paris is lit up. There are parades, military services and fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. It’s truly a sight. But, we find our Bliss in Bastille Day in Provence.

If you tour France and have the chance to visit Provence on Bastille Day –you can find:

Stupendous special markets with special street fairs and fun fair attached to them

Group meals with Provencal specialties that entire towns attend (and you can too)

Running of the bulls through the streets

Bull fights (but not the kind that hurt the bulls)

Outdoor “toasts”


Evening balls and outdoor dances in town squares

And fireworks over stunning Medieval villages.

We have one such trip planned –and it’s going to be a once in a lifetime –probably 6 person –visit to Provence –where we spend a weekend doing all of these things–as well as wine tastings and a stay in the Luberon –the most beautiful part of Provence.

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