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We’re reblogging a great description of one of our trips. Rick Sammon also blogged about Anthony’s trips with us!

Photo Tours – An Insider is Key!

by Anthony Bianciella

Photography and travel go hand-in-hand. But camera or not, I love trips that are special and off-the-beaten track. No big bus tours!  Life is too short to shoot through the window as you drive by.
I love to be immersed in the location and really experience the culture. But you need a friend on the inside who can show you things only a local would know. And that way your photographs can be as unique as your “insider” experiences!
For example, last May, while in France, our insider gained us exclusive access to a 900-year-old Templar church. Normally closed to the public (with photography impossible) the curator himself gave us a private tour, allowing us to photograph everything including bell…

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