Spring in Provence: Bliss Travels Newsletter


Spring has sprung! On our recent trip to Paris was sunny and beautiful. Spring is a spectacular time to travel to Provence too. Poppy fields, iris’s, cherry blossoms, vines, and beautiful weather.  All without any crowds. . There is still time to book our May 15-21, 2012 custom trip to Provence and Paris. See things most tourists don’t have access to. Enjoy custom itineraries in a private, small group setting. Contact us now. 609 462 6213.wendy@blisstravels.com.

Foodie Trends in France
Local takes on new meaning in France. Local is not just from the region, it’s specific to the village, sometimes the farm. Our artisan jam maker in Provence grows all of her own fruits and herbs. Lavender, olive, lemon, verbena, strawberry, peach…if it’s not in her back yard, and ripe for the picking, then it’s not in her pots of jam or sorbet flavors. Chemicals and additives? No way. And now the chefs are following that trend. The top spots are buying from the local producers, in small quantities….
See our blog for more photos and trends.

Summer Provence Travel
mediterraneanSpring and Summer fun in Provence and along the Mediterranean. We have great dates and special itineraries available. Tour the Provencal markets. See the Bastille Day fireworks. Witness the running of the bulls. Ancient villages, impressionist art, wineries and so much more. Book your trip now. wendy@blisstravels.com
“I miss France! What a great trip. I felt so spoiled having you take care of everything. Thank you. Being a person that does like “tours” and having already been through Provence I didn’t really expect much – I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!” (October, 2011, New York client) 


Contact us now. Special family prices and custom small group trips. wendy@blisstravels.com or 609 462 6213
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Insider Access Makes the Difference!
What does an “insider” provide? What difference does exclusive access to things not available to the public make? Click here to read what Anthony says and you’ll find out!
Or just read what our clients say:

“Wendy gave me not one but two vacations of a lifetime. The first vacation was so nice I booked a return trip within 60 days…. Her knowledge of the country and culture and attention to my special needs…and ability to deliver made me feel I was always in good hands. It was so nice I did it twice.” (April and June 2011, Philadelphia client)

“I had the most wonderful trip to Burgundy….. As a former head of the Bordeaux wine society in Washington, DC, but a great lover of Burgundies, I can tell you that all of my expectations were exceeded, from the pre-Burgundy days in Paris , during which I experienced things I had not, despite living in Paris for almost 5 years, to the Burgundy Adventure – including where we stayed, the tours, both of Beaune and the chateaux, the teaching sessions, and the meals (Ah, the meals!) it was the best vacation of its type I had ever taken. ” (September, 2011 Washington, DC client.)

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