Top New Food Trends in Paris & Provence


As culinary and wine specialists, we watch the food and drink trends in France closely. As everywhere, the trends are for fresh, seasonal and local. But, as usual, the French take this to a new level…

Top restaurants have been getting rid of menus. Many places now offer only seasonal, not printed, menus. These vary by the day– by the time, even the table. You are asked what you don’t or can’t eat. Special requests are always honored. But, after that, it’s up to the chef. Brilliant, if you think about it. Now the chef can buy top product, even if there are only small quantities. There is no waste. Nothing is left “un ordered”. It’s local, fresh, conserves energy, limits waste, and, most importantly, allows the chef to showcase his or her talents –which is the reason you are there to begin with!


Below was a wonderful seasonal dish of asperges et seche, offered only that evening, and only until it ran out!The other thing this trend away from printed menus created was the trend to little plates, and tiny tastings of many things. Freed from the need to purchase XX kilos of something, each plate could be prepared with small tastings of small batch artisan products and heirloom treats. Plus, this means the chef has greater opportunity to be creative  -as you can clearly see from the mini tasting plate below.

The highlights were numerous. However, see bass with a sweet potato puree seasoned to perfection and another plate of baby squid with black ink risotto and lardons were stand outs!
This trend continued to dessert, which is served in two courses. Traditionally the sweet is followed by a chocolate. Here we had homemade macarons and miniature cream puffs.We are excited to see what the Provencal chefs make of these trends this spring and summer given the extraordinary access to produce that they have. I think this year will be a banner year for French cuisine as these new trends migrate  across the country (and even the world). We are on the cusp of a new style of dining. And, it is timed in such a way that popular movements like Slow Food and local farm to table programs will only magnify and speed the development of these new trends.

As always, Bliss will be ahead of the curve and exploring these new trends and others.

A Bientôt,


2 comments on “Top New Food Trends in Paris & Provence

  1. This is a very interesting trend, indeed! It would certainly speed up the ordering process too – not having to wait for indecisive folks like me to make up their mind 🙂

    • 🙂 The time gets taken up with descriptions before and during service LOL. As soon as someone has an aversion or allergy, the kitchen must start from scratch. I think it keeps a kitchen creative and makes it art not assembly line.

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