How to Have a Great Lunch in Paris…Off The Beaten Track

Everyone wants that little, special, “we’re the only tourists there and the chef is soooooo good, but without all the pomp and circumstance” bistrot. But, here’s the thing. Not everyone finds it. Why? Because unless you know someone, or live in Paris, or go there a dozen times a year, you just aren’t going to be in the know. You’re going to know what the guide books know. Unless, of course, you experience “Bliss” as we did today!

Our favorite “private”  chef in Paris treated us to a new treasure!

(Bliss Travels clients have tasted his amazing creations –everything from goat cheese flan with roasted tomatoes to chicken roulade stuffed with foie gras in a mason jar on a bed of seasoned vegetables, plus a side dish of  cold artichoke and vinaigrette, accompanied by starters of homemade breadsticks and an eggplant dip. Not to be outdone, dessert was a roasted and caramelized pineapple with homemade nougat. And we’re talking a PICNIC he made for one of our train rides….So, yep, you get it now, don’t you?  So, when he said, “Allons Y” or Let’s go, we did! Tout de suite!)

Off the beaten track. Great chef. Warm welcome. So fun, we closed the place down. (Sorry, Chef, next time we’ll peel carrots to help with the mise en place for the dinner service!) Christian, Pierre and Serge along with their wonderful staff made us feel utterly at home!

First course was a boudin terrine with chestnuts, and a great, salad.After came a pintadeau with thyme, on a bed of lentils, carrots and parsnip. Lardons bits were cooked with the lentils, and potatoes on top were like nowhere else! There was also veal chop, cooked rare, topped vegetables and in a black truffle jus….oh, ho hum. I know you have this every day!
Just to put the icing on the cake, as it were, we were treated to an outstanding view, and we learned that our chef is willing to give private lessons to Bliss Travels Clients!

One comment on “How to Have a Great Lunch in Paris…Off The Beaten Track

  1. I had so much fun off the beaten path in Paris!

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