France- Day 2: It’s Never Too Late/Jamais Trop Tard!

Today, an outstanding lunch at a new favorite –with Michel –a talented photographer, artist and friend– and the meal was so enjoyable, nobody thought to take pictures! Tout a coup (all of a sudden), out comes the camera and the only photo left to take is the empty bottle of wine and the last bits of dessert!

                                           An excellent Millefeuille (what we call Napoleon.)

All of which prompted me to blurt –“oh, it’s too late!” Of course, it is, as Michel pointed out, in French fashion, “never too late.”

Angels sleeping the way you will after enjoying this wonderful wine!

You have choices! And tomorrow is a new day. You can always go to the afternoon market and buy pleurottes, a Provencal mushroom (and sauté them in garlic, olive oil and parsley), then herb crust a lamb shoulder (yum)…Or you can come with us to France, and experience Bliss -in person -both in the restaurants and in the markets –with or without your camera!

So, “Jamais Trop Tard” for those on our trips! Below, one of Michel’s incredible drawings!

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