Time for Truffles! 3 Favorites to Eat in Paris in February!

Winter in France. What’s for dinner? Truffles.

Best to get the most of your truffle, since they are so expensive. First, make sure you’re using the best truffles. Not the nasty flavorless things that sometimes show up in place of the real:

 Tuber melanosporum, available in France (found in Perigord and Provence) between November and March.

La truffe ou la "rabasse" en provençal

So, what to make with Truffles, you ask?

First, store them with your eggs. Egg shells are porous. Thus, the aroma and taste of the truffle will permeate the shell, and flavor your eggs for a

1. Brouillade: softly scrambled eggs with truffles. At this time of year the better bistros will offer a bowl of this unctuous first course. Use sea salt and enjoy!

2. Salad des Truffes: A salad of Mache, with thin sliced steamed tiny yellow potatoes, a poached egg, truffle vinaigrette and shaved truffles on top. There’s nothing more to say!

3. Pate a la Truffe: Pasta with a cream sauce and shaved truffes…

Now for 3 things we will try in February on our trip:

1. Truffled butters.

2. Truffled cheeses. We know a cheese monger who makes a double cream cheese stuffed with black truffles in the middle.

3. Our already famously sought after Truffle pizza….

It’s pure Bliss!


2 comments on “Time for Truffles! 3 Favorites to Eat in Paris in February!

  1. Who knew about storing them with the eggs! Great tips.

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