Adding a few more special things to bring home on your next trip!
1. Don’t forget those simple little prints or post cards. If it’s a fabulous shot. Bring it home, and put it in a tiny jeweled or rustic wood frame.
2. scarves….what could be more typical, and remind you more of your trip –for you or others. (Last trip our intrepid photographer brought back a bunch for family and friends.) Teach them how to knot the scarf a la Francaise! And Voila!
3. Macarons…Not the coconut cookie of your youth. These are delicate sandwiches filled with intensely flavored purees and cream based fillings. Salted caramel, verbena with lemon cream, basil with strawberry….too good to pass up!

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It’s all just too good! Right? That’s what you’re thinking as you take another bite of something wonderful or walk by another specialty shop or Christmas market chalet…Too much to try and too little time!

And what about your sister, best friend, mother, boss, neighbor….Wouldn’t it be great if they could just taste this? Maybe then they’d believe you that it really and truly is better in Paris!

So for those of you who are traveling to France over the holidays (you lucky guys and girls), even if you aren’t traveling with Bliss Travels, here are some treats you can safely bring back to the US to share and extend that fabulous holiday experience (video)!

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