Soul-full (of) Winter Wonders in Paris (Valentines?)

Whenever we talk about Paris in December or February, people think of the traditional winter foods. Foie gras, truffles, oysters, chocolates, chestnuts, roast and braised lamb…the list goes on! But, there are other types of sustenance. Food for the Soul. Paris if full of things that feed your Soul. And in winter, those things are more peaceful, less crowded, and lit up more beautifully. That’s why we go for Valentine’s Weekend and Christmas Holidays….See some of what we mean below. These shots were taken on normal days, normal hours, but at this time of year. Imagine having the courtyard of the Louvre to yourself! Or having an entire Chateau open for your wine tasting?

Or  wandering down a street, and turning the corner to find…

Don’t get me wrong. Paris still feeds you in all the other ways. Look at some of the wonderful winter fare we’ve encountered!
Red label and AOC chickens and game, along with foie gras and caviar fill the windows of this wonderful butcher…
A flatbread pizza with thin sliced potatoes and topped with black truffles… A rustic apple and raisin tart made especially for our lunch…

And something lighter than air! Tell us what your favorite Parisian treats are…

4 comments on “Soul-full (of) Winter Wonders in Paris (Valentines?)

  1. Kir royale for sure! And croissants – no other place on the planet makes them like Paris!

  2. megtraveling says:

    I like eclairs and any dessert with custard!

  3. So many choices then! There’s an amazing pastry chef in Paris who makes black sesame eclairs…And there are some others who make otherworldly Religieuse –filled with pastry cream, and topped with caramelized sugar or other flavors. The intense vanilla with salted caramel is my favorite –though the violet is a close second –or first —or second. (It’s very confusing 🙂 )

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