Springtime in Provence, Paris, and Burgundy Too!

Some photos from last April and May. Our trips to Burgundy, Paris and Provence…A picture is worth 1000 words…or maybe more! I know it was Bliss!

Last May in Provence

We visited a beautiful farm to pick herbs, have a cooking lesson (Provencal cuisine of course) and photograph everything that was in bloom!

Who says you can't have it all?

Anthony Bianciella, our amazing photographer, makes the trip even more fun!

To Market...

And, after the market...in the shadows of a castle

You Here! With a glass of wine, looking at the artists and looking at the sights!

Grand Cru Tastings, by candlelight...It was like a dream!

Charming....what else can we say?

Except…luxurious  original appointments in our private Burgundy property. Only 4 rooms –and our 7 guests adored being spoiled, thoroughly!Murano chandeliers, original antiques…

and specially arranged private wine tours. This was a happy group!
No lines. No buses. We did it all custom and private!

A bientôt! See you all soon….And again! It was Bliss!

2 comments on “Springtime in Provence, Paris, and Burgundy Too!

  1. Amazingly, I dreamed I was in Venice last night, so when I read the mention of the Murano chandelier, I was floating back through my memories of another favorite place. The apartment looks beautiful – blissful! Happy New Year!

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