Our Private Photo Sessions in Paris

Everyone already knows we do private photography sessions in Paris. I just wanted to show off our fabulous photographer, Anthony (who will be with us this December in Paris).

Ho hum…just another night in–now what’s the name of that place again? OOh, that’s right…The City of Light. Can’t wait to see how our new Paris portrait sessions turn out. But, truth is, I just can’t wait. So, I’m going to post our last Paris photos….Sorry, too good to wait!

Last May, at sunset. What can I say, it was Bliss (Travels)

2 comments on “Our Private Photo Sessions in Paris

  1. Anita Mac says:

    Gorgeous. I will clearly need to get myself back to Paris now that I have a better camera! No doubt you are excited waiting for your new pictures. I look forward to seeing them.

    • I am excited. I’m still seeing new photos that Anthony made (and the clients) from this last trip. We might even upload some video soon. He’s great and is such a talented photographer. He even taught one of our clients to photograph with her iphone!!!! I am not even going to bother to bring cameras anymore given that he’s taking all the best shots. We’ll post more in a day or two, and maybe our paths will cross in Paris!

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