Paris Hotel Rooms and Holiday Travel Planning!

We are planning our Holiday Paris Getaways.

We are always asked about the Paris hotel rooms. It’s really hard to tell “what you are getting”, especially when you are dealing with different cultures and different cultural expectations. People tell us nightmare stories about the room with the bath down the hall or the beautiful room –that was 40 minutes, and a subway ride– from anything they wanted to see.

So, to help people out, we wanted to post some photos of actual rooms we use, and to describe what people will  see when they turn the key in the door of their room!

We use only centrally located lodging –we prefer the Left Bank, in the 6th Arrondissement or the Right Bank in the 1st Arrondissement for people traveling with us. The hotels are always boutique. The hotels are always 3 or more stars.  We describe them on our website at under each trip description. The hotels or Inns are always located in great locations within walking distance to the major sites and great restaurants and cafes. They are always charming and feel Parisian. The “luxury” ones have additional amenities, such as designer products, larger rooms, super luxe baths, and ultra gourmet breakfasts –sometimes even cool jazz bars or other hang out spots!

So, that all sounds good, but the real question is “what do we consider charming, boutique lodging in Paris”? Some of the below. These are what we call “standard” rooms in the 3 star hotels we use. So, if you’re coming to Paris over the holidays with us on one of our Paris Getaways  ( ) this is what you can expect for “standard lodging”. theds

Our Inns in Provence are equally charming and even a bit more spacious and luxurious than our standard rooms…

If you are booking our “luxury” lodging, then that includes larger rooms, Bose sound systems, robes, large, all marble bath rooms with special showers/tubs (rainforest showers, and the like), along with sitting areas in each room and many other special amenities, including “over the top” quality breakfasts each morning.

I hope this helps for those of you who have asked! Write or call if you’d like more info! You can also watch one of our client video slide shows on our homepage or 609 462 6213

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