5 Fab Tips for Stress Free Travel Days (to France)!

Get the most out of your trip from the beginning, with a little planning!

1. Plan in advance so you can use one of the airlines’ private lounges. If you’re not a high mileage flyer, check with your credit card companies. Some of them offer passes to the lounges if you’ve bought your ticket using their card. Some cards or airline programs offer passes to the lounges for signing up. So, before you purchase your ticket, check out the various offers.

2. How to prepare so you beat Jet lag. If you’re traveling from the US to Europe, start adjusting your body clock. The week before travel, start going to bed a bit earlier and waking a bit earlier. Try going to bed 10-15 minutes earlier each night. Your body clock will be set by 2 or more hours before you even leave!

3. Sleep on the flight. Do whatever it takes to get some shut eye! Don’t be (gulp) tempted to stay up for the airline food. For Heaven’s sake, why? If you’re going to Paris, you’re headed to the gastronomic capital of the world. What on earth would be tempting about airline food.  Note: If your airline serves food good enough to keep you awake in anticipation of it, please write us immediately at wendy@blisstravels.com (or through our website at http://www.blisstravels.com) because we are going to switch and start putting ourselves and our clients on this amazing new carrier!

4. When you arrive in Paris and plan to go to another part of France. Go. Immediately. The same day. That’s what we do. Why not? You’ll be tired anyway. Why not take a relaxing train ride to Provence on Day 1. You’ll rest and grab a cat nap –and you’ll be ready to go the next morning.

5. If you’re staying in Paris…press on! Have a cup of rocket fuel (aka Expresso) at your local cafe, and have an easy day of walking around and seeing sites. Nothing too intense. Have a nice late lunch or early dinner but DO NOT NAP. You will throw your body clock off and be up every night for a week. We find our clients are usually fairly excited and ready to go in the morning but start to slow down by about 4pm. Time for a glass of wine and some appetizers. Then a little walk. Go to bed at 8pm and you’ll be fresh and happy, and be on local time the next day.

(Oh, p.s. This “rocket fuel” photo brings back a lot of memories. And not just of jet lag. Sarah Miller took this photo while we were finishing lunch in Provence. We were on a fashion shoot for Nicole Miller Philadelphia wedding dresses. We spent Christmas in Paris, Provence and Chateauneuf du Pape…A winery even opened for us on Christmas Eve day! Even though we were all working, it was a pretty cool trip!

For more tips contact us at wendy@blisstravels.com. Or to follow our current trip to Paris, Provence, and the Mediterranean on this blog!

5 comments on “5 Fab Tips for Stress Free Travel Days (to France)!

  1. Great tips! I especially like the tip about the “rocket fuel”!

  2. This site looks like one I could use. Thanks for the tips – I’m definitely a francophile!

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