5 “Bliss” ful Views: What to See and Do in France!

 Sure you should see the Eiffel Tower.

But  don’t miss things that are “off the beaten track”. Below are some of our favorites! Write us (wendy@blisstravels.com) if you want to share your “blissful” views or if you want to see more!

1. Villages in Provence that are more than a 1000 years old. Find the tiniest one. Eat in the local cafe. Order something “Provencal” like Daube or Soupe au Pistou (Want to learn how to make these? Contact us. We’ll get some of these recipes posted over the next few months.)

2. Little “hideaways” on the Mediterranean. The water is so clear you can see pebbles on the sea floor—20 feet down! Arrange to take a boat into the inlets. We do.

3. Local festivals in the countryside. Parades, traditional garb, seasonal treats, music, and more. These give you a real flavor of the culture. Attend one of the town sponsored meals –like an Aioli. (Want to know what that is, and how to do it? No problem. Just find the village festival you want to attend and look up the program. If they have an “Aioli” listed, then contact the local tourism office and reserve your place. Sometimes, though, you must do this in person. You will have to pick up tickets in person before the event. And you will have to pay at that time.)

4. Roman ruins. Find the ones that aren’t crowded with hoards of tourists. Take a picnic and soak it all in!

5. Village fountains. All of them! Take a drink or just cool off.

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