Tips for Your Best Ever Holidays… in Paris

Paris for the holidays! Wow! What a fabulous experience. Take our advice and follow these easy tips to make the most of your Paris adventure.

1. Do pack waterproof boots or shoes –so the slushy streets don’t slow you down!

2. Do Make Dinner Plans for the Holidays. Even if you’re not religious, many restaurants have special menus (or conversely, the “real” chef is away) during the 24th and 25th. So, plan to plan for these days. You will have a great time if you do!

3. Do Choose in advance which Christmas Markets to visit. The Christmas markets are amazing! Each one of them is a bit different. Some focus on antiques. Some on food. Some on artisan products and touristy gifts…(Our personal favorite is the foie gras vendor at one of the markets–who is across from  the caviar stand! Where else in the world can you have foie gras and Sauternes or Caviar blinis while standing on a street decorated with lights, and lined with world class monuments?) Decide where you want to go and make sure you give yourself enough time to linger at each stand. Don’t forget to have a glass of warm spiced wine to take the chill off!

3. Do have “bad weather” plans. Have an idea of a warm cozy day, in case it rains or snows. What’s your favorite small museum? What fabulous covered passageways haven’t you seen? Which of the large department stores entice you? French theatre or film? Or simply bring your notebook and chill at a warm cafe and watch the world go by as you write your award winning novel.

4. Do save room for the best hot chocolate in the world! Paris is full of places where you can get “real” hot chocolate, from the well known Angelina’s to some of the lesser known, but top notch quality hot chocolate spots. Explore!

5. Don’t forget there are exciting day trips outside of Paris! If the weather permits, Champagne is wonderful over the holidays –and so appropriate!

6. Do bring an extra bag rolled up in your suitcase, for all the gifts you are going to buy!

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2 comments on “Tips for Your Best Ever Holidays… in Paris

  1. Anita Mac says:

    Christmas in Paris sounds amazing!

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